Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My New Love of Natural Light

Last week, I had the honor of presenting my long term book project, "Last Stop. Rockaway Park." in the south of France in the small fishing town of Sete at the photo festival, Images Singulieres. I was not only really happy with the presentation of the work, but also thrilled to be in the company of other international and great photographers... and as always it's a rare opportunity to share some brief moments with other documentary and/or fine art photographers since much of the time our existence and work can be very solitary. I highly recommend attending the next year because what I like most about this festival is it's lack of pretension and down-to-earth-ness.

In 2009, I was asked to come and live in the small town for 5 weeks as part of an artist residency with the organization Ce Ta Voir under the direction of Gilles Favier. In 2010, I returned with a new published book (my second) called "Sete #10: Juliana Beasley" and a wonderful show at the festival. I am only one of two women who have been chosen to do the residency in 8 years and I feel fortunate to be also in the company of Bieke Depoorter from Belgium who has created a very emotional and loving monograph of the village of Sete. Her work was presented in this year's festival, along with her new published book "Sete #15: Bieke Depoorter". It was wonderful to meet many of the other great photographers who had shows at the festival such as Marie Baronnet, Jacob Aue Sobol, Jens Olof Lasthein, Emeric Lhuisset, Carlotta Cardana and many others who I did not have the opportunity to speak with. I want to thank Carlotta for getting up on the stage at the Zanzibar on our last night in Sete and singing karaoke to ABBA's "Dancing Queen"... it can really only be done with at least two people!!

I want to lastly thank all the people involved in making Images Singulieres a great event for photographers and for anyone who has a passion for great photography. Many of the people who I want to thank are volunteers who made time in their own lives to make this event a big success. Thank you!

I was very fortunate to have the chance to take a portrait of Josephine Domino Douek who is a young aspiring photographer and singer. I met her while she was working as a volunteer for the Images Singulieres Photo Festival in the gallery where my work had been hung. Lately, I feel very inspired to to take portraits in natural light and since this is something relatively new for me, it is actually really exciting for me to switch gears. The light in Sete is incredible and it only took 3 visits to finally realize this!!! Here is the portrait of Josephine in her apartment.

"Josephine Domino", Sete, France, May 2015. ©Juliana Beasley


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