Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rockaway's Archive #3

October 18, 2012. I miss 115th street. I miss Ma and I miss Billy. I miss being around people who make me smile and who I make smile. I even miss the stench of cat urine mixed with layers of cigarette smoke coating the walls and fabric in her room in the boarding house. It's time to wrap this project up and I'm still holding on. I haven't been out there in months and I didn't make it out there for the summer. My therapist told me that I had to put this on the top of my priority list. She even told me that she would give me $300. to help pay for a designer to make my book dummy. I wasn't even talking about the Rockaway's when she offered. She has stood by my side every inch of the way... through the deaths of both my parents, through the bleak emptiness of my own personal incarceration to the highs and the sound of my laughter weaving in and out of the last ten years of this roller coaster ride of mine. If you can't laugh at the completely absurd and the unfairness of life than you might miss out on a lot of laughing.

I turned the corner and I saw the super of the SRO on the ladder. I asked him if I could take a photograph of him.

"The Super", Rockaways, NYC. 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

I was hanging out at Lulu's boarding house. We were hanging outside on the stairs. I got into a conversation with her husband and a local. Lulu went her house and when she came out, she was carrying a platter covered in very young puppies. I believe they were only one week old. I asked her if I could take a portrait of her with the plate of puppies.

"LuLu and the Puppies on a Platter", Rockaways, NYC. 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rockaway's Archives #2

"Pastor Gary's Daughter", Rockaways, NY, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

"Kelly, Pastor Gary's Daughter", Rockaways, NY, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rockaway's Archives #1

From the archives. I don't believe I have shown these. A day hanging out in the Rockaways in 2011.

"Maria. I'm Not That Simple", Rockaways, NYC, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

"Billy and Maria", Rockaways, NYC, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

"Hanging out on Steps #1", Rockaways, NYC, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley

"Hanging out on Steps #2", Rockaways, NYC, 2011. ©Juliana Beasley