Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joanna' Summer Luau Party!

"Baby John Running", Rockaway Park, NYC, June 2011. Juliana Beasley

I had a 10 hour photo blast shooting two Saturday's ago at Joanna's 8th birthday party at her Uncle Mike's house in the Rockaways.  My work in progress, a very new work in progress that began in the last week of May revolves around the Water sisters, their children and their children's children and their friends. The work will be a part of a group show entitled "Family Values" in a couple of weeks at Michael Mazzeo Gallery in Chelsea which opens on July 7th.

"Jean", Rockaways, NYC, June 2011. Juliana Beasley

I am excited to show off this work so early in the process.

"Joanne and her Grandson", Rockaways, NYC, June 2011. Juliana Beasley

Meanwhile, my book dummy of "Last Stop: Rockaway Park" is close to being bound together... By whom? By me!!!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Toe Tag

"Baby Toe Tag", Rockaway Park, NYC, 05/11, Juliana Beasley.

I went out to the Rockaways a couple of Sundays ago with no particular agenda, just a camera, flash and film in a knapsack. I ended up sitting on a stool in a local pub that I often frequent when the owner, Carmel told me that Margie's (one of the bartenders who works there) granddaughter was being baptized that afternoon. I jumped on a local bus and scurried down several streets and into a church full of babies and their respective families sitting in pews. I had just missed the baptism. Just like I had missed my nephew's one hot summer day over a decade ago.

"Baby Ava in Her Baptism Gown", Rockaway Park, NYC, 05/11. Juliana Beasley

Little Ava had just been blessed. Margie invited me to a party after the baptism. I got in a big SUV with the family and was shuttled to an anonymous reception hall.

Slowly, the room began to fill. Ava was taking a break, sleeping in her stroller before all the guests arrived. I looked down at her little foot and noticed we had something in common. We like to hang one foot out from under the blanket when we sleep. I hear it's called the Irish foot.

"Photo Album and Baby", Rockaway Park, NYC, 05/11. Juliana Beasley.

More photos coming soon. Just gotta' warm up that scanner.