Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rockaways Before Sandy

My heart and mind are in the Rockaways. I am finally going out there to look for old friends and to witness the unthinkable.

Here are a couple of images I took over the years. The photograph of the young girl folding her laundry was taken in a laundromat that no longer stands. I photographed the woman in the Irish green tiara in front of her home this past St. Paddy's Day. And the camper belongs to Bob. I can't imagine how Bob managed to survive the flooding in his camper home.

"Irish Day Parade Portrait #1", Rockaways, NYC. 2012. ©Juliana Beasley

"Laundromat", Rockaways, NYC. 2012. ©Juliana Beasley

"Bob's Camper", Rockaways, NYC. 2012. ©Juliana Beasley

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Rockaways

I send all my prayers and love to all those who are struggling and suffering in the aftermath ofHurricane Sandy. The Rockaways has been a refuge and a home to many of the city's forgotten and dismissed. It has also been a refuge for me from my own life over the last ten years. I am thankful for all the people I have met and whom let me photograph them and who shared their lives with me. At heart, the Rockaway's is a strong community and will surmount this latest blow. They need our help. Here are a few photographs I took over the years.  Sweet memories of another time and dear friends.

"Valerie", Rockaways, NYC, Winter 2007(?). ©Juliana Beasley

"Tara", Rockaways, NYC, Summer 2002. ©Juliana Beasley

"Patient Walking Down 116th", Rockaways, NYC. ©Juliana Beasley