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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Time in America Group Show/ Miami Basel

Hi All!

Here is the info for the show that I will be in. The opening is December 2nd at Gallery ID in the Wynwood District. The address is 2531 NW 2 Avenue in Miami! The opening starts at 7:30pm and ends at 11pm. I am thrilled to be a part of the show.

I would love to meet you during the event and hope I will see you down at the opening and also at  Basel! Please, let me know if you are showing any work down there.

Here is the info:

This Time in America: Part I
Curators Giselle DeVera and Brenda Ann Kenneally
November 11, 2010 – Gallery I/D is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, This Time in America:


Juliana Beasley
Nina Berman
Sean Hemmerle
Tim Hetherington
Brenda Ann Kenneally
Gillian Laub
Randal Levenson
Emily Schiffer

Part 1. The two-part series, co-curated by renowned photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally, highlights
photographers who have turned their lenses on America. Part 1, which runs concurrently with Art Basel
from December 2nd to January 15th, features award-winning photographers and photojournalists who
captured diverse segments of American society. What they saw – a New York community of impoverished
social outcasts, cowboys and urbanites, segregation alive and well in America, U.S. soldiers in slumber
between wartime activities, the colorful frenzy of stock market charts and more – remind us not only of
the unique nature of America, but of our fluctuating and transformative place in the civilized world.