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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christoph Gielen's ARCADIA at Daniel Cooney Gallery

Don't miss out on Christoph Gielen's wonderful aerial shots and cityscape's at the Daniel Cooney Gallery.

What makes Christoph's work so compelling is the eeriness in which he depicts contemporary urban sprawl. However, don't get me wrong. On the contrary, his work is strangely beautiful. Homes and highways, become dollhouses and tubular patterns. Colors define the graphic quality of the imagery.

One of my favorites is oddly enough, not a aerial shot, but a haunting image taken in Shanghai. Deep blue envelopes the night and a building under construction. From side to side, top to bottom, gradations of indigo are broken into crisscross lines while a single guardrail intersects the bottom frame with a rusty yellow.

Super Kudos Christoph!

And not to mention, a little bird chirping outside my window in Jersey City told me that Christoph not only has a passion for being strapped in hanging out of helicopters, but he's sweet as cherry pie.

The show will be up till January 31st! So, get on your long johns and take a hike over to Chelsea. If yours truly can do it with five layers on...

Darn', it's cold out there!

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